The Buying Process


The Homework: Schedule a Buyer's Consultation with Craig

Identify your non-negotiables, communication preferences, and critical time constraints (if any)

The best thing you can do for yourself before looking for your new home is to check-in with your financial health. Sometimes you think you know where you stand. But, digging in can give you greater peace of mind and enable you to address any less-than-stellar aspects of your financial track record

Concerned you might not be able to move quickly on an offer because you need to sell your current home first? Compass Bridge Loans is the simple solution to bridge the gap between the home you have and the home you want.

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The Search

Visit properties with your agent. Rinse and repeat until you find the one that makes you swoon.


The Offer

Work with your agent to determine your offer and come to terms with the seller. Negotiate an option period for the home inspection (usually around a week and requires a non-refundable fee). Your offer will also include a refundable earnest fee, typically 1-3% of the sales price and is refundable if you terminate the contract during the week-long option period.


The Option Period

Enlist a trusted professional to do a thorough home inspection (we have a list of amazing inspectors). They will give you a report of any issues with the house. Your agent will gather estimates from contractors for repairs and negotiate with the seller to determine who will pay for which repairs


The Appraisal

The lender will appraise the house to determine its value. If the home does not meet the agreed-upon price, your agent will negotiate this with the seller. Your agent will explain what an appraisal waiver is, which allows for your offer to be competitive in a multiple offer situation.


The Clear to Close

Your agent will work with your lender to provide any necessary paperwork and request to finalize your loan.


The Final Walkthrough & Close

We will walk through the property with you on closing day, after which you will sign the final paperwork at the title company. The loan funds are exchanged, and the keys to your new home are yours!


The Housewarming Party

Pop the champagne and plan an epic celebration of this significant moment in your life. Make sure to invite your agent!

Moving Checklist