Josh Clark-Crews

"Working with Craig was amazing! He took our needs seriously and delivered a perfect home for us to enjoy. I would highly recommend doing business with him - he's kind and considerate and just a pleasure to work with."

Gigi Kaur

"I had no idea how much work goes into finding and buying a house, especially in a market like Austin. Craig made the process so much smoother. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He set realistic expectations from the start. He negotiated and helped me get the house of my dreams! Even with multiple offers on the house, he helped navigate the situation and offered advice on how best to handle it. I highly recommend Craig to anyone looking to purchase a home."

Garrick Thurston

"We are first time buyers who were lucky enough to be connected with Craig through Zillow. From the first showing, Craig showed us he was smart, capable, knows Austin instinctively, and that he was willing to jump through hoops to get us to close. Our experience was rocky, as real estate in Austin is known for being, but we could always rest assured knowing Craig would be there for us with our best interests in mind. We could not recommend Craig more and will be certain to give him a call whenever we may need an agent in the future!"

Abishek Mannemala

"We accidentally found Craig Souza, and we consider ourselves lucky for choosing him as our realtor. Craig understood our needs and patiently worked with us to find just the right house. He was punctual, extremely diligent, and worked with utmost professionalism. He made our first-time home buying experience stress-free even in this highly competitive Austin housing market. He identified the right house for us and acted swiftly to close the deal. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house."

Megan Schneider

"Craig made our first home purchase smooth, even in a crazy market. He walked us through the entire beginning-to-end process and was always in good spirits. After 9 attempts and us being very picky about our home and how much we wanted to offer, our offer was finally accepted and the month-long wait to close began. Craig and his team were super helpful through the closing process and kept track of all the deadlines with a checklist for us to see what needed to be done by when. All in all, a daunting experience made much more manageable thanks to Craig."

Phoebe Dehoog

"Craig is efficient, responsive and great company on big days of house hunting. He responded immediately to a last minute request for a viewing and kept up that energy, hustle, and clear communication right throughout the process. Craig quickly got to know our needs and wants, guiding us in the right direction while keeping us open to possibilities we hadn't thought of. It felt like Craig genuinely wanted to help us find a home we would love and he did just that. We look forward to a chance to work with Craig again and highly recommend him!"

Nicole Chavez

"Craig had a masterful way of making the stressful Austin housing market fun to explore and giving us honest, actionable advice when it came down to our offer strategy. He had an amazing way of pin pointing the houses he knew would resonate with us best, and getting us in an excellent position to close the deal. In the end, we wound up in a house that is not only in a MUCH better location than we ever thought we could afford, but also one that checked every box we had. If you get the chance, work with Craig Souza."

Carlin Johnson

"Attempting to get a house in one of the hottest neighborhoods in the hottest markets in the country was no joke. Craig made it happen. Craig was always able to make time, even if it meant coming straight from a previous showing, tennis match or a bike ride. Craig ended up getting the house under listing price in a market where escalating 10% or more above ask is the norm. We greatly appreciated his strategic thought process and end-to-end professionalism. If you are looking for a home in the Austin area, we highly recommend working with Craig - he will make it happen!"

Dani Gonzalez

"Craig was outstanding. He ensured that the process of buying a home was seamless. We purchased our home while living in a different state and Craig was very accommodating. In a seller's market, he always seemed to have a sound strategy when considering homes with multiple offers. He went above and beyond when addressing our needs. He was very communicative and responded promptly to calls/emails/texts. He helped us find our perfect home, but if we are ever in the market for another home or investment property, we will definitely enlist Craig to help."

Quincy Zhuang

"We started our house hunt in January of 2021. Craig was assigned to us through Zillow's system. We also worked with buyer's agents from local and other realty websites. Out of all of them, Craig was the most knowledgeable and provided us with the most insight into the market. We could not have won our bid if it weren't for his assistance. Thank you Craig!"

Xenia DeVaney (Agent)

"Working with Craig and his team was seamless. We experienced great communication, professional dialog, and reasonable requests. We definitely look forward to working with him again on future transactions."